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We are a small farm located in Bushnell, Florida sitting on 26 acres of farmland and surrounded by forest and swamps. We are greenhorn farmers, in our fourth growing season, cultivating four acres of fruit, vegetables, flowers, and herbs. We follow organic standards and never use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. We are motivated to be mindful stewards of the land, and care for the farm in a way that is clean, healthy, sustainable and supports the surrounding wildlife.

We strive to be a model of regenerative farming by utilizing homemade compost, cover crops, crop rotation, mulches, nitrogen fixation, beneficial attractants, and rotational grazing. We are continually fine-tuning our organic farming practices according to observations from the land, crops, and organisms around us. Our focus on soil health drives us to minimize tillage, increase organic matter, and inoculate our ground with life.